Six ideas for conversations that you can have with your child…

  1. Talk about what they like doing online, e.g. what apps they use, what games they play or what vloggers they like to follow on YouTube.
  2. Ask what they see that they worry about online. And what they would do if something made them feel upset or worried.
  3. Ask them for their top tips for staying safe online.
  4. For every social media / messaging app or game that they use, get them to show you the privacy settings (e.g. the options that set out who can see their photos or follow their games) and how they would report or block someone or something that makes them uncomfortable or upset.
  5. Talk about what information they think is okay to share and what is not okay to share (e.g. full name, email, address, passwords). Discuss what they might consider before sharing photos, and what kind of photos they like to share most.
  6. Ask them to help you do something online, e.g. change the privacy settings on your social media account, search for information on something or download an app.