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What we offer

We believe that everybody can play a role in keeping children safe online, including children themselves. Education is a key part of the solution and both schools and parents have a vital role to play in supporting children to be safe online. We offer talks to give both children, parents and schools a head-start in keeping the next generation safe online.


So the work doesn't end there, we have sections on guidance and resources for both schools and parents.


School talks

Our school talks for 3rd to 6th class children are engaging, informative and highly interactive. They are classroom based and are tailored to each particular group of children

Parent talks

Our talks can be scheduled for school drop-off or evenings. We provide a clear picture of what children are doing online, associated risks and what parents can do to protect their kids online

Advice for parents

We know that online safety is often a new topic for most parents. Our advice and resources can help you take simple steps to ensure that your children are stronger, smarter and safer online

School Resources

Find resources and support to introduce online safety into the classroom. We make it as simple as possible for schools to adapt a whole school community approach to online safety

Very well delivered workshop. Pupils were very involved in group discussion. I felt that showing children how to make their online profiles more private is very beneficial.

Cian O'Sullivan - 6th Class Teacher

Excellent session and was hugely beneficial to the children. Very engaging and well delivered.

Niamh Redmond - 5th Class Teacher

Excellent session. Children enjoyed and it was set at an appropriate level for them and the popular website/games were discussed. Clear message of good practice was given given

Ronan Keddy - 4th Class Teacher

This was an excellent talk, the facilitator was so knowledgeable and presented up to date relevant information. the children were engaged throughout and gained a lot.

Marianne Walsh, 5th Class Teacher