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Louise O'Hagan, Education Officer

Louise undertook a BA Hons in Psychology, during this time she developed a great interest in online behaviour. This then led her to completing a masters in Cyberpsychology where she further developed her interest for online behaviours. She continued to follow her passion for online behaviours and was awarded funding for an interdisciplinary PhD in Cybersecurity, Law and Psychology at Queens University Belfast. The research focus was on individual differences of risky behaviours carried out online. This involved carrying out empirical research on internet users. During this she presented her research at several conferences and was invited to give Cybersecurity Awareness talks at industry events around Europe. As part of the PhD program, she ensured a placement in NI Water being responsible for a Cybersecurity awareness program for the employees. Throughout her education she volunteered at Festina Lente in the transition training program and Saol Anios day services. Louise is excited to join CyberSafeIreland and start working directly with parents and children.