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Our Volunteers

Volunteers and Cyber Ninjas

We are very grateful to the good people who volunteer for us on an ad hoc basis, who have enabled us to achieve great things with very limited resources. We also have a small team of volunteer technical researchers, our Cyber Ninjas, who help us to keep on top of the constantly changing landscape of what kids are doing online. These people are always working away in the background, ensuring that CyberSafeIreland staff and trainers stay up to speed on the latest apps, games and YouTubers! If you would like to join our current Cyber Ninjas, Caroline and Michelle, please get in touch

Portrait photo of Ben

Ben Ó Mathúin (Digital Media)

Ben is a seasoned leader working as an industry expert in the digital marketing space. His career has seen him oversee the digital marketing activities for ...

Portrait photo of Michelle Garrigan

Michelle Garrigan (Lead Cyber Ninja)

Michelle Garrigan leads the Information and Cyber Security Programme for Ulster Bank. Her career has spanned a wide range of roles across, Retail and Corpo ...

Portrait photo of Caroline O'Neill

Caroline O'Neill (Cyber Ninja)

Caroline has over 10 years experience working within the technology sector in Ireland. She has always had an interest in cyber security and has had an IADI ...

Portrait photo of Karen McDonnell

Karen McDonnell (Cyber Ninja)

Karen is a specialist in mobile and online products with over 16 years experience in that area. She is currently working with Dell as Global E-Business Con ...

Portrait photo of Adam Tallon

Adam Tallon (Cyber Ninja)

Adam has been immersed in technology from a very young age, with his first computer at the age of 9 opening a world of possibilities. Fortunately when Adam ...