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CyberSafeIreland comments on Deputy Jim Daly’s draft bill to ban unsupervised use and ownership of smart devices by under 14s

Our CEO, Alex Cooney provided the following comment yesterday on Deputy Daly’s draft bill:

“Deputy Daly’s focusing of attention on the important issue of children’s safe use of the internet is welcome. Whilst we fully support the underlying focus of the bill to ensure appropriate adult supervision of their children whilst using Internet-enabled devices, we do not feel that the proposed bill offers the right approach.

Prohibition does not work.  We know this from talking to thousands of children and parents across Ireland over the past year.

Children as young as 9 are regularly accessing the Internet, often on their own devices and often without appropriate supervision.  We agree that adult supervision and guidance is absolutely critical but we strongly believe that the answer lies in education not prohibition.

We must educate our children and their parents on using these devices in a smart and responsible way while providing them with reasonable guidelines and resources.

The focus now should be on finding a national solution in consultation with all stakeholders.  The Government should focus its attention on putting in place a national strategy on Internet safety for children as a starting point.”


We are delighted with the media coverage that this draft bill has generated as it is so important to be having this conversation at a national level. Some of this coverage, which includes interviews with and quotes from CyberSafeIreland, is linked below:

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