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Parent talks

Our parents talks are about 1 hour long and can be scheduled for the morning (after school drop-off) or in the evening in order to suit as many parents as possible. We offer three different types of talks:


1) Healthy Tech Habits in the Home – Parents of children aged 2-10

This session focuses on behaviour at home such as screen time, setting house rules and modelling good behaviour. We also look at our most frequently asked question - when to buy your child a device or smartphone?


2) Protecting and empowering children in the online world – Parents of children aged 8-13

This is our most popular session that gives an overview of the main risks on social media, messaging apps, and gaming. Our aim is not to scare parents, but rather to make them aware of what children are doing online and offer support.


3) Digital wellbeing and online safety for teens – Parents of children aged 12+

Whether we like it or not teenagers are online, and by this age they have less supervision from adults. Teens need to be able to identify appropriate content, avoid risks and behave respectfully online. In this session we aim to prepare adults on how to have those conversations.

Very good content throughout, it will be a great help for my daughter and myself in the future.

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